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A conversation about life, loss, and grief dreams with an expert in the field, Joshua Black, along with co-host Shawn Ram. Visit or Email us at

Episode 21 - Grief Dreams Podcast - Ashley-Ann Pereira

In Episode 21 we had the pleasure to talk with Ashley-Ann Pereira. By day Ashley-Ann works for the Canadian Red Cross and by night is the Co-Founder of Dreams Inc. ( She is a Social Service Worker graduate from Sheridan College who loves working with youth. Giving back and empowering youth is her purpose in life. Ashley-Ann talks about her loss and dreams of her grandmother. 


Episode 19 - Grief Dreams Podcast - Dr. Malvina Skorska

In Episode 19 we had the pleasure to talk with Dr. Malvina Skorska. Malvina recently received her PhD in Psychology from Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario. The focus of her research is on the development of sexual orientation with a focus on more biological explanations. She is currently continuing this work in a postdoctoral fellowship at Brock University working with Dr. Anthony Bogaert. On the podcast she shares about her loss and dreams about her dog (Max). Here is Malvina's ReasechGate page


Episode 12 - Grief Dreams Podcast - Mark Gowland

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In episode 12 we had the pleasure to talk with Mark Gowland. Mark is the founder of the largest colour festival in Canada called A MidSummers Dream ( It is a day of music, yoga, meditation, colour, and festivities.


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