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Episode 34 - Grief Dreams Podcast - Jana DeCristofaro

In Episode 34, we had the pleasure to talk with Jana DeCristofaro. Jana (a Licensed Clinical Social Worker), is the Coordinator of Children's Grief Services at The Dougy Center for Grieving Children & Families in Portland, Oregon. She is also the host of the Dear Dougy podcast which focuses on opening up the often avoided conversation about grief. You can find the The Dougy Center podcast at In this episode we talk about her journey as a social worker, the many deaths she has experienced, and a dream she wants to have.


Episode 22 - Grief Dreams Podcast - Manolo Orellana

In Episode 22 (with guest co-host Jade Black), we had the pleasure to talk with Manolo Orellana (a member of the Grief Dreams Facebook Group). Along his journey he has lost many loved ones and has faced a considerable amount of obstacles. He has managed to keep his sanity and with that, hopes to help anyone listening to find their light. He talks about the death of his father, brother, friend, and dogs. He shares a couple dreams that he had of his brother. Manolo would like to give his respects to Mynor, Botts, Colin, Kilo, and Jermain, who were all good friends that he didn’t mention on air “RIP My Brothers”.


Episode 19 - Grief Dreams Podcast - Dr. Malvina Skorska

In Episode 19 we had the pleasure to talk with Dr. Malvina Skorska. Malvina recently received her PhD in Psychology from Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario. The focus of her research is on the development of sexual orientation with a focus on more biological explanations. She is currently continuing this work in a postdoctoral fellowship at Brock University working with Dr. Anthony Bogaert. On the podcast she shares about her loss and dreams about her dog (Max). Here is Malvina's ReasechGate page


Episode 8 - Grief Dreams Podcast - Marybeth Haines

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In episode 8 we had the pleasure to talk with Marybeth Haines. Marybeth is an author, speaker, and educator on pet loss (