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Episode 70 - Skye Dyer

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Skye Dyer a singer/songwriter who released her first album in 2014 called “Letting Go”. She has spent years touring on her own and with her father. The death of her father in 2015 changed her life immensely, not only in losing him as her father but also losing her stage partner. She has begun to write articles for The Reset and has recently became a mom. In this episode we talk about her journey being a new mom, her grief, continuing bonds, and dreams of her father.


You can find more about Skye at https://www.skyedyer.com, and on Instagram @skyedyer


Episode 41 - Justin Wren

Justin Wren left a promising mixed martial arts career to live as one with the Mbuti Pygmies in the Congo. Through his foundation, Fight for the Forgotten, and other benefactors, Wren helped the Pygmies secure their own land and drill wells to support their community. Now with a new motivation for competing, Justin currently fights in Bellator MMA and with every opportunity tells the story of his Pygmy family in the Congo. Defend the weak, love the unloved, empower the voiceless. In this episode, we get to hear Justin's story, find out what motivates him, talk loss, and Justin tells us about some power visions and dreams that have guided him in his journey. 

You can get involved here: with Fight for the Forgotten

Get involved with the Lacor, Uganda campaign (DIG DEEPER):

Watch a video from Justin:

Justin Wren's Facebook Video

Get Justin's Book Here



Episode 15 - Caroline Drolet

Caroline Drolet is in the PhD program at Brock University with research interests in belief in a just world, victim blaming, hypocrisy induction paradigm, in/out-group biases, human rights, and prejudice. You can find her published research on researchgate (


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