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Episode 108 - Kevin Toolis - The Irish Wake

Kevin Toolis is a BAFTA winning film maker and writer of the acclaimed death guide My Father’s Wake: How the Irish Teach Us to Live, Love and Die. Toolis has reported on famines, wars and plagues all over the world for The New York Times and The Guardian. As a documentary maker he has filmed in the middle east and directed the Emmy-nominated Cult of the Suicide Bomber television history series. He is also producer/ director of a compelling new stage work Wonders of the Wake that revives the lost art of Irish keening and celebrates the ancient rite of the Irish Wake.


In this episode we talk all about the Irish Wake, the death of his brother and father, grief dreams in the Irish culture, grief dreams in families of suicide bombers, and his own grief dreams of those he reports on.


You can find more about Kevin at or on Twitter @KevinToolis


Here is his BBC video -

Episode 95 - Jess Etchemendy - Leathersmith

Jess Etchemendy formed 174 Supply Company, which is a discussion of how grief can be transformed through creativity. After the death of his brother, Jess’s trade has become the vehicle he uses to transform his grief. 174 was the motorcycle numbers of his younger brother. Jess’s mission is for the world to look past my brother’s addiction to see a kid who passionately loved living and desired adventure. 


In this episode we talk all about leather and being a Leathersmith, his brother’s life, addiction, how he continues a bond with his brother (e.g., riding, leathering, etc.), and grief dreams of his brother.


You can find more about Jess at 

Instagram: @174supplyco and @companioncollective

Episode 94 - Gary Andrews - Doodle A Day

Gary Andrews is an illustrator and animator who worked on Fireman Sam and for Disney. After his wife Joy died of Sepsis in 2017, he started to doodle his grief and share it on social media. His social media now has a world wide following. In this episode we talk about his love of art, his wife joy, her death, his and his children’s grief, doodle a day, and grief dreams he has had.


You can find more about Gary on Instagram and Twitter @garyscribbler


News article on him - 


Video of his 2 minute animation of his life and loss -

Episode 93 - Rayne Benu - Orca Love Part 2

Rayne Benu is cinematographer of the award-winning documentary, The Hundred-Year-Old Whale and producer of Skaana- a podcast about orcas, oceans and the environment. A nationally published festival and theatre photographer, Rayne has a rich history creating digital and multimedia artworks, corporate design, interactive media and storytelling using metaphor, myths and symbolic languages, abstract/meditative painting and filmmaking (directing, editing, sound and video). She now lives on Vancouver Island, where she spends her free time filming local celebrities from J-Pod with her partner Mark (from Episode 92).


In this episode we discuss her love of animals, Orca filming and photography, developing a friendship with Granny (an Orca), grieving for Granny and her Pod, processing her grief through painting, her dream about Tahlequah (a grieving Orca), and a dream she wants to have of Granny and her grandmother.


You can find more about Rayne at:


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Episode 92 - Mark Leiren-Young - Orca Love Part 1

Mark Leiren-Young is a playwright, screenwriter, journalist, satirist, director and author. His latest book, The Killer Whale Who Changed The World, is a national bestseller. He hosts the popular podcast Skaana and wrote and directed the award-winning documentary, The Hundred-Year-Old Whale. He was described by The National Post as “Canada’s go to guy for dolphins, whales, and trees”.


In this episode we discuss everything Orca (how they live, communicate, mourn, etc.). We start off the show by talking about a mother Orca, called Tahlequah (J35), who carried her dead calf for 17 days in British Columbia this past Summer. Additionally, we talk about other Orca stories, the grandmother hypothesis, his latest Orca book and documentary, his grief when certain Orca’s have died, and a dream he wants to have of Granny (a deceased Orca).


You can find more about Mark at:

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Episode 91 - Haley Harris-Bloom

Haley Harris-Bloom works as a nurse in the emergency department. She enjoys the privilege of helping treat people during their most vulnerable times. After a series of close family and friends died Haley has devoted her time outside of work to researching grief. She realized a gap in grief resources for the bereaved during this process and is currently creating GriefGuide, the first interactive-self counseling app to help people navigate grief.


In this episode we talk about being a nurse, the death of 2 cousins and childhood best friend while she was in school, her Kickstarter campaign to develop the GriefGuide App, and 2 of her grief dreams.


Her Kickstarter campaign to develop the GriefGuide App can be found here:

Episode 90 - Sandra Roman

Sandra Roman is a Mother of 5 children, 1 of which is now an angel in heaven. Sandra has recently started a blog page called “Good Grief Relief” after losing her son Matthew, in 2016. In her blog she is offering support to other bereaved parents on their grief journey with child loss. She is currently working on her first book that details the tragic story of the loss of her son, Matthew and the renewed hope that she has discovered on her journey. Sandra has been involved in multiple women’s ministries in both USA and Mexico. Additionally, she is a member of International Cruise Victims, Inc. (a non-profit) in hopes of being a strong voice for awareness and lobbying congress for change.


In this episode we talk about the death of her son, rebuilding her faith, grief dreams about her son from her child and friend, her own grief dreams, and the international cruise victims organization.


You can find more about Sandra at and Instagram (@goodgriefrelief)


International Cruise Victims, Inc. -


Episode 89 - Megan Devine

Megan Devine is a Pacific Northwest writer, speaker, and grief advocate. She is the founder of Refuge In Grief, a hub of grief education and outreach, where she leads people through some of the most devastating times of their lives. Megan is the author of the new book, It’s OK That You’re Not OK: Meeting Grief & Loss in a Culture That Doesn’t Understand. In this episode we talk about sitting with suffering, coping using the tango, the death of her husband, sleeping issues following the loss, and grief dreams of her husband.


 To find more about Megan visit

Episode 88 - Barbara Morningstar

Barbara Morningstar began serving in the hospice field over twenty years ago. During that time she worked on staff at three different hospice societies within the province of British Columbia, Canada. Over her many years in the hospice field, Barbara has supported thousands of people during their tender life transition. She recently wrote a book titled “Honoring the Mystery; Uplifting Insights from the Language, Visions, and Dreams of the Dying.” In this episode we talked about how a grief dream of her friend shaped her life, experiences working in the hospice field, her new book, the death and grief dreams of her husband, and a grief dream she wants to have.


To find more about Barbara visit

Episode 87 - Joanne McCall

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Joanne McCall runs Media Positioning Consultations, which helps people to become Media Darlings. Her secret sauce is helping authors, speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs position themselves and their books, deliver fantastic interviews, and capture media attention through the various media channels now available. In this episode we talk about becoming a media consultant, following your dreams, tips for getting your message out, the death of her sister, and grief dreams.


To find more about Joanne visit

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