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E141 - Suzanne Falter - My Daughter The Healer

Suzanne Falter is an author, speaker, blogger and podcaster who has published both fiction and non-fiction, as well as essays. Her essays have appeared in O MagazineThe New York TimesElephant JournalTiny Buddha and Thrive Global among others. Her newest book is titled The Extremely Busy Women’s Guide to Self-Care. Suzanne speaks about self-care and the transformational healing of crisis, especially in her own life after the death of her daughter (Teal).


In this episode we talk about life before and after the death of her daughter, her daughter, learning to slow down and be patient, donating Teal’s organs, the importance of self-care over the holidays, and her multiple grief dreams of her daughter.


You can find more about Suzanne at and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

E140 - Marlie Rowell - ‘Night School’ After A Suicide

Marlie Rowell is a sassy word/mixed media artist, author, & lecturer. Her life changed after she became a suicide widow. She is now the self-proclaimed queen of suicide widow etiquette reformation.


In this episode we talk about her life with her husband, her husband’s depression, the stigma around mental illness, her husband’s suicide, the stigma around suicide, finding proper support, and her multiple grief dreams during 'night school'.


You can find more about Marlie here:  

E139 - Ryan Weaver - Military Aviator to Country Music Artist

Ryan Weaver is an All-American, rockin’ country music artist who proudly served as an active duty Black Hawk Helicopter Aviator in the United States Army. Weaver began his music career in 2005 while still on active duty, playing the club and festival circuit throughout the southeast. In 2017, Ryan signed on with the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) replacing Steven Tyler as the headlining act for the PBR World Finals at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. His music and speaking engagements are highly influenced by his journey through grief. Ryan has suffered the death of his brother (Aaron) and his brother-in-law (Randy) while they were on active duty. Both of his brothers’ ultimate sacrifices continue to fuel Ryan’s fire to accomplish his dreams in music.


We talk about being in the military, the death of his brother and brother-in-law, starting his music career, using his music to honor their memories, his song “what you think of me”, challenges after military loss (e.g., survivors remorse), and grief dreams of his brother.


You can find more about Ryan and his latest EP (Celebrate America) at and on IG @ryanweavercountry


Check out his two songs on loss

Never forgotten -

What you think of me -


E138 - Samantha Pasut - MonaLisa Healing

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Samantha Pasut is Authentic, Living Magnetism in a powerful package. She is an accomplished artist and art historian, a spirit guide, chakra healing clairvoyant, and an Abundant Love and Courage Facilitator. A healer and an empath, Samantha is Canada’s youngest Reiki Master. She is also one of the leading CBD educators in the country and part owner of the Hemp derived CBD Company called MonaLisa Healing.


In this episode we talk about being authentic, creating boundaries, loving yourself, CBD, MonaLisa Healing, the death of her grandfather, and a grief dream of him before he died.


You can find more about Samantha at IG @daughterofpicasso


You can find more about MonaLisa Healing at, IG and Twitter @monalisahealing

E137 - Dave Marteau - The English Book of the Dead

Dave Marteau is a mental health professional and a writer who has worked for 30 years with and for those close to death in hospital, rehab, prison and hospice settings. Between 2000 and 2012 he was clinical drug adviser to the UK government, and more recently he has worked for the European Union and the United Nations. Dave is the author of The English Book of the Dead, a personal and scientific exploration of mortality. Dave's sister Elizabeth took her own life at 31, and his son Jack was killed crossing the road aged 21, hit by a speeding driver. 


In this episode we talk about working in the mental health field, mental health issues of his sister, the death of his sister and son, issues faced after both types of loss, grief dreams of his sister and son, his wife’s grief dream of their son, and his new book.


You can find more about Dave at

E136 - Mirabai Bush - A Loving Rock

Mirabai Bush teaches, practices, and develops programs through the application of contemplative principles and values to organizational life. She is a cofounder of the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society, founding board member of the Seva Foundation, and authored many books. Her most recent book (coauthored with Ram Dass) is called “Walking Each Other Home: Conversations on Loving and Dying”.


In this episode we talk about her new book, moments with Ram Dass, being a loving rock for the dying and bereaved, the death of her guru (Neem Karoli Baba) and her friend (Bokara), and a grief dream of Neem Karoli Baba


You can find more about Mirabai at

E135 - Lindsay Ciulla - Peaks and Valleys

Lindsay Ciulla is an artist and musician who grew up in Medina, Ohio. Her father was her high school band director and also one of her very best friends. Also known as DJ laChewla, Lindsay hosts her own radio show on WGRN 94.1LPFM in Columbus, Ohio. She is also involved in activism through her volunteer work at the community radio station and with Vegan Shift. 


In this episode we talk about being a musician, her radio show, her life with her father, his death, and her many grief dreams.


Her show, Peaks and Valleys streams live every Sunday night at 9pm EST on


Here is her father conducting his jazz band the Stardusters on his last band trip to Disney World in 2015 ( ) and this is footage from his last year as the marching band director ( ).

E134 - Lauren Kane-Lysak - Precious Creature

Lauren Kane-Lysak is an Pet Taxidermist, Mortician, artist, and animal lover. After high school, she worked in a funeral home where she found that the corporate nature and lack of creative opportunity left her drained. She became interested in taxidermy after meeting a bird taxidermist in real life while volunteering at the San Bernardino County Museum. Lauren has made it her goal to work with pets, and preserve their tangible memory for eternity.


In this episode we talk about her journey into pet taxidermy, all things pet taxidermy, the death of her pet rat and grandmother, and grief dreams of her grandmother.


You can find more about Lauren here:



E133 - Mahoganie Hines - The Art of Dying

Mahoganie is an active and ardent member of the Palliative Care community.  She currently volunteers her time to act as the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario’s Policy and Political Action ENO for both the Niagara Chapter and Palliative Care Nurse’s Interest Group for the past 3+ years. She has also sits on the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Nursing Group as Secretary/Treasurer. She currently works as a Registered Nurse at McNally House Hospice in a casual capacity, as well as, working full time as a Palliative Pain and Symptom Management Consultant (PPSMC) throughout the Niagara Region. Additionally, Mahoganie writes a blog called “The Art of Dying” and is a roller derby referee.


In this episode we talk about roller derby, finding direction in life, working in the palliative care field, the death of her first patient, uncle, and family dog, and grief dreams.


You can find more about her at:

Blog: “The Art of Dying” 

LinkedIn: Mahoganie Hines

Instagram: nurse_stax

Twitter: @nursestax


She will be the closing speaker at the CHPCA – CHPC NG “Inspiring Nursing Leadership” Satellite discussion on Thursday Sept. 18th, 2019 at 8:30am - 12:30pm in Newbridge.


Find more about PPSC at

E132 - Ophelia Rigault - Conversations From The Heart

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Ophelia Rigault is a grief educator, speaker, TV host and creator of Conversations from the Heart. Conversations from the Heart is a bi-weekly TV show that airs in local Cogeco Cable in Kingston, ON. The focus is on bringing inspirational guests to share their story of hope and resiliency, for the purpose of inspiring the audience to feel “if they can do it – so can I”.


In this episode we talk about her life with her mother, her death, grief dreams before and after loss, her TV show and upcoming radio show.


You can find more about Ophelia at or


Instagram: @opheliarigault

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