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E130 - Guest Update Episode - Shelby Forsythia

In this update episode we talk with Shelby Forsythia (host of the podcast Coming Back: Conversations on life after loss) from episode 52. In this episode we talk about the experience of having someone else share a grief dream of her mom with her, and a couple new grief dreams she has had of her deceased mom.


You can find more about Shelby at and on Instagram @shelbyforsythia

E129 - Marlene Rodgers - Baka’s Story

Marlene Rodgers works as a story editor on feature films and documentary television series, and makes short films driven by her personal passions. Her most recent film is a collaboration with her husband, Franco Pante. DREAMS OF THE DEAD tells the story of Marlene’s journey in the aftermath of the sudden and accidental death of her grandmother, Baka, and the vivid dreams that were intrinsic to navigating that loss. Visit the film’s website at to post your own memory of a loved one, and view the 18-minute film at


In this episode we talk about how she got started working in film, her newest film ‘DREAMS OF THE DEAD’, the death of her grandmother, her grandmother's house, and grief dreams of her.

E128 - Nikki Wilson - A University Assignment

Nikki Wilson works full time at an electricity company whilst also studying full time at The University of Melbourne. She will be graduating with a Bachelor of Environments degree (currently in her final Semester). While in university she has been taking creative writing classes as elective subjects. This semester she has been writing for a non-fiction class and decided to write about Grief Dreams after having personal experiences with them.


In this episode we talk about her university assignment on grief dreams, her multiple deaths (friend, step sister, and uncle), her grief and grief dreams following each loss, and lessons learned from her grief process.


You can find her creative writing assignment on Grief Dreams at the bottom of this web page

E127 - Kayla Moryoussef - Good Death Doula

Kayla Moryoussef is a Community Worker/Registered Social Service Worker from Toronto who has been volunteering and working in end-of-life/palliative care for over seven years. She is a Death Educator, Death Doula candidate with Home Hospice Association, and project manager for all of their Death Cafés across southern Ontario. Kayla truly believes in the profound power of a ‘good death’ and its lasting effects on healthy individuals, families, and communities at-large. At the age of fifteen, Kayla’s life was profoundly changed by baring witness to the death of her grandmother, a primary parent and the one of the most formative figures in her life to this day.


In this episode we talk about getting becoming a death doula, the coming death boom in our culture, the death of her grandmother and dogs, her memorial tattoos, Death Cafés, and grief dreams of grandmother.


You can find more about Kayla at or on Instagram and Facebook @GoodDeathDoula

E126 - Amy Vilela - Knock Down The House

Amy Vilela entered into politics after the death of her daughter, Shalynne's, needless death at the hands of the USA’s profit-driven healthcare system. Losing Shalynne became a defining moment in her life. The transformation out of grief and into a position of strength was a long journey. Although her life has been full of struggle – and, more recently, tragedy – her experiences have strengthened her resolve in the fight for justice. Her journey is shown in the 2019 documentary on Netflix “Knock Down The House”, which follows 4 female progressive candidates as they campaign against prominent incumbents in the 2018 midterm election.


In this episode we talk about her relationship with her daughter and the circumstances of her death, her journey into politics, and grief dreams of her daughter.


You can find more about Amy here

E125 - Karen Millsap - Making Lemonade

Karen Millsap is a TEDx speaker, Founder of The Groflo community and the CEO - which stands for "Chief Empathy Officer" of Egency. At only 29 years old, her life was suddenly flipped upside down... she became a widow when her husband, Richard, was tragically murdered. On the quest to rebuild her life, she discovered simple habits and lifestyle changes that helped her find her way back to a whole heart. Self-care essentially saved her life. This realization sparked a deep desire to share everything she has learned and spread light to anyone who needs help navigating tough situations.


In this episode we talked about her relationship with her husband, his murder, finding joy again, grieving in the work place, and grief dreams of her husband and uncle.


You can find more about Karen here

E124 - Dr. Sherry Cormier - Sweet Sorrow

Dr. Sherry Cormier is a licensed psychologist and a professor emerita in the Department of Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling, and Counseling Psychology at West Virginia University. She is a certified bereavement trauma specialist, the author of two textbooks, and the producer of over 100 training videos for Cengage Learning. Her new book, Sweet Sorrow: Finding Enduring Wholeness After Loss and Grief was written by her in the decade following the loss of her husband, father, mother, dog, and only sibling.


In this episode we talk about how she became interested in the field of psychology, inspiring others on their journey, the power of acknowledgment and love, loneliness in life and after loss, her new book, her multiple losses, and grief dreams of her husband and others.


You can find more about Sherry here


E123 - Donald Knight - Spei Lumina

Donald Knight is an ordained independent catholic priest, dreamer, light worker, and podcaster (Spei Lumina - Lights of Hope). His grief journey began at the age of 10 when his father unexpectedly passed away. The event of his father’s death set him on a path of faith, spirituality and seeking the Divine.


In this episode we talk about his father, grieving as a child, understanding dreams, grief dreams of his dad and aunt, becoming religious, relics in the church, and his podcast.


You can find out more about Donald at, on Facebook at SpeiLumina and on Twitter @SpeiLumina.

E122 - A Father’s Day Episode with Darwyn Dave

In this Father’s Day episode, Shawn Ram talks with Dr. Joshua Black and Darwyn Dave about the Toronto Raptors (NBA) and St. Louis Blues (NHL), players on those teams with a dead father, what it’s like not having a father here for important moments, and grief dreams we think the players would like to have of their deceased father. 


To find more about Darwyn visit

E121 - Dr. Pei Grant - The Good Doctor

Dr. Pei Grant is the Research Director at Hospice Buffalo, one of the largest hospice and palliative care organizations in Western New York. Her research encompasses a diverse range of projects from programmatic studies to psychosocial research, to medical projects. Her work has been recognized nationally and internationally to be innovative and enhancing quality of care to new levels. She believes that while it is important to find ways to lead a meaningful life, she advocates for people to focus on what it takes to have a meaningful death.


In this episode we talk about how she got started working at Hospice Buffalo, her research on end-of-life dreams and visions, her research on the Photographs of Meaning Program in family caregivers, the death of her grandparents and baby through miscarriage, and a grief dream of her maternal grandmother.


You can find her on Twitter @Peigrant and IG @Peicgrant . Here is a link to Hospice Buffalo’s research page


To hear more about Hospice Buffalo's research on end-of-life dreams and visions, just download Dr. Christopher Kerr's episode on this podcast (episode 73).

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