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Episode 113 - Jacqui Pagobo - The A+ Student

Jacqui Pagobo has suffered great heartbreak over the years after her brother, John Joseph “JJ” Pagobo, unexpectedly passed away from a longboarding accident and medical malpractice. This April will be his 10 year death anniversary, which she will be honouring him with a memorial event. She hopes that her story can inspire others.


In this episode we talk about her brother and his death, grieving while in school, the memorial event, and grief dreams of her brother.

Episode 111 - Monica Meade - Forgiveness After Loss

Monica Meade is currently working in private practice as a clinical therapist with Whole Balance Health, specializing in Grief, and Trauma therapy utilizing EMDR (Eye Movement, Desensitization, and Reprocessing), in Colorado Springs, CO. Monica’s pursuit of becoming a grief counselor was born out of necessity. After the death of two immediate family members, she struggled to find hope for herself in the healing process. She has made it her goal to reach out to others during their grief journey to bring love and light to the healing process. 


In this episode we talk about EMDR, the death of her daughter and niece, forgiveness, and grief dreams of her daughter and niece.


You can find more about Monica's private practice on Psychology Today. Additionally, here is a link to Monica's forgiveness speech

Episode 110 - Update with Jade Black

In this episode we talk about where she has been the last 4 months, the new podcast logo, reflections on reaching over 100 episodes, and new events we are hosting.



Episode 109 - Rebecca MacDonald - Craft Love Craft Life

Rebecca MacDonald is a self-taught memorial jewelry artist working and living in Ontario with her husband and dog. Since immigrating to Canada 10 years ago, Rebecca has experienced loss many times as she moved throughout the country. Her Grandpa has been a huge inspiration in her life and dealing with his passing from the other side of the Atlantic ocean has been one of her biggest struggles so far. By fostering connections with animals, she has also been able to connect with others. Through her work, she is learning how to manage her grief while helping others with their loss through her jewelry making.


In this episode we talk about her immigration from Ireland, her love of pets, starting her business making memorial jewelry, the death of her dog and grandpa, and a grief dream of her grandpa.


Rebecca’s work can be found on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook @petmemorialjewelry or on

Episode 108 - Kevin Toolis - The Irish Wake

Kevin Toolis is a BAFTA winning film maker and writer of the acclaimed death guide My Father’s Wake: How the Irish Teach Us to Live, Love and Die. Toolis has reported on famines, wars and plagues all over the world for The New York Times and The Guardian. As a documentary maker he has filmed in the middle east and directed the Emmy-nominated Cult of the Suicide Bomber television history series. He is also producer/ director of a compelling new stage work Wonders of the Wake that revives the lost art of Irish keening and celebrates the ancient rite of the Irish Wake.


In this episode we talk all about the Irish Wake, the death of his brother and father, grief dreams in the Irish culture, grief dreams in families of suicide bombers, and his own grief dreams of those he reports on.


You can find more about Kevin at or on Twitter @KevinToolis


Here is his BBC video -

Episode 107 - Rachel and Hannah - So Dreamy

Rachel Leoman and her cousin Hannah Brown created the podcast So Dreamy (Twitter/Insta: @SoDreamySnack) with the intent of creating a safe and fun space for dreamers to share, hear, and discuss dreams of all kinds. They both have been interested in dreams for as long as they can remember.


In this episode we talk about dreams in general, the So Dreamy Podcast, their losses (Rachel’s mom and Hannah’s brother, grandmother, and uncle), and Hannah’s dreams of her deceased grandmother.


Check out episode 14, 33, and 41 on the So Dreamy Podcast to hear them talk about specific grief dreams.

Episode 106 - Jay Perry - My Dad Got Sick

As a full-time photographer from Canada, Jay Perry has travelled the country and beyond to capture the moments and memories that matter. Following a photo trip to Haiti in 2010, Jay discovered his passion for helping others. He has since dedicated his time and talent to numerous charitable efforts, while founding his own establishment aptly named Friends With Hearts. Jay recently released his book “My Dad Got Sick” that talks about his experiences taking care of his dying father.


We talk about being in a band, becoming a photographer, starting Friends With Hearts, taking care of his dying father, writing his book, his grief, and dreams of his father.


For a closer glimpse into Jay’s life, check out, or his personal Instagram @jayperry

Episode 105 - Dr. Beth Allen (AKA Bif Naked) - Love All, Serve All

Dr. Beth Allen (AKA Bif Naked) is a prominent alternative artist, performer and songwriter. Throughout her remarkable career, Beth embarked on seemingly endless international tours, several feature films and multiple television roles, only to be struck down with breast cancer at the age of 37. She would discover her passion for advocacy, as a triumphant survivor and someone who helps others first. She wrote her biography in 2016 called “I, Bificus”.


In this episode we talk about her music career, breast cancer journey, palliative care volunteering, and death of her father, friend, and dogs.


Find more on her at, Facebook, instagram and twitter @bifnaked



Episode 104 - Heather Varner - Storms and Silver Linings

Heather Varner is an east-coast born and bred Canadian who moved to Ontario with her then-boyfriend (now-fiancé) after her mother died in 2014. In the 4.5 years since, Heather has dealt with her grief through therapy, faith, and plenty of writing. She has written pieces about grief and loss that have been published by Time, xoJane, and Elite Daily, and shares her grief journey through her Instagram account @stormsandsilverlinings. At the start of this calendar year she launched a blog called Storms and Silver Linings.


In this episode we talk about her love of reading and writing, her relationship with her mother, the death of her mother, writing her grief, and grief dreams of her mother.

Episode 103 - Aditi Loveridge - Pregnancy Loss Healing

Aditi Loveridge is a Certified Life Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, and owner of Pregnancy Loss Healing. Aditi supports mothers in their journeys after pregnancy or infant loss. Her work includes supporting mothers who have recently experienced loss, are trying to conceive after loss of any kind (pregnancy/infant loss, failed IVF, missed adoption), pregnant again after loss, and those still struggling after the birth of their baby. Aditi helps mothers who have experienced loss to reconnect with trust so that they can step beyond anxiety and fear.


In this episode we talk about her grief journey following 2 miscarriages, starting her business, issues people can face after pregnancy loss, tips for helping others through pregnancy loss, and a grief dream of her child.


You can find more about Aditi at, on Facebook: @pregnancylosshealing, and on Instagram: @pregnancylosshealing

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