Grief Dreams Podcast

E125 - Karen Millsap - Making Lemonade

July 15, 2019

Karen Millsap is a TEDx speaker, Founder of The Groflo community and the CEO - which stands for "Chief Empathy Officer" of Egency. At only 29 years old, her life was suddenly flipped upside down... she became a widow when her husband, Richard, was tragically murdered. On the quest to rebuild her life, she discovered simple habits and lifestyle changes that helped her find her way back to a whole heart. Self-care essentially saved her life. This realization sparked a deep desire to share everything she has learned and spread light to anyone who needs help navigating tough situations.


In this episode we talked about her relationship with her husband, his murder, finding joy again, grieving in the work place, and grief dreams of her husband and uncle.


You can find more about Karen here