Grief Dreams Podcast

E126 - Amy Vilela - Knock Down The House

July 23, 2019

Amy Vilela entered into politics after the death of her daughter, Shalynne's, needless death at the hands of the USA’s profit-driven healthcare system. Losing Shalynne became a defining moment in her life. The transformation out of grief and into a position of strength was a long journey. Although her life has been full of struggle – and, more recently, tragedy – her experiences have strengthened her resolve in the fight for justice. Her journey is shown in the 2019 documentary on Netflix “Knock Down The House”, which follows 4 female progressive candidates as they campaign against prominent incumbents in the 2018 midterm election.


In this episode we talk about her relationship with her daughter and the circumstances of her death, her journey into politics, and grief dreams of her daughter.


You can find more about Amy here