Grief Dreams Podcast

E135 - Lindsay Ciulla - Peaks and Valleys

October 7, 2019

Lindsay Ciulla is an artist and musician who grew up in Medina, Ohio. Her father was her high school band director and also one of her very best friends. Also known as DJ laChewla, Lindsay hosts her own radio show on WGRN 94.1LPFM in Columbus, Ohio. She is also involved in activism through her volunteer work at the community radio station and with Vegan Shift. 


In this episode we talk about being a musician, her radio show, her life with her father, his death, and her many grief dreams.


Her show, Peaks and Valleys streams live every Sunday night at 9pm EST on


Here is her father conducting his jazz band the Stardusters on his last band trip to Disney World in 2015 ( ) and this is footage from his last year as the marching band director ( ).