Grief Dreams Podcast

E138 - Samantha Pasut - MonaLisa Healing

October 29, 2019

Samantha Pasut is Authentic, Living Magnetism in a powerful package. She is an accomplished artist and art historian, a spirit guide, chakra healing clairvoyant, and an Abundant Love and Courage Facilitator. A healer and an empath, Samantha is Canada’s youngest Reiki Master. She is also one of the leading CBD educators in the country and part owner of the Hemp derived CBD Company called MonaLisa Healing.


In this episode we talk about being authentic, creating boundaries, loving yourself, CBD, MonaLisa Healing, the death of her grandfather, and a grief dream of him before he died.


You can find more about Samantha at IG @daughterofpicasso


You can find more about MonaLisa Healing at, IG and Twitter @monalisahealing