Grief Dreams Podcast

E158 - Chelsea Rushton - The Other Side of Chelshotel

May 30, 2020

Chelsea Rushton holds a BFA in Creative Writing and an MFA in Visual Art. Her art practice integrates somatics, ritual, and spirituality to explore how creative process can document and facilitate personal and collective growth and evolution. She works as a Technical Writer in the Department of Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley. Her parents both died suddenly, within eight months of each other, in 2018, when they were 69 and 71. 


In this episode we talk with Chelsea about her passion for creative writing and visual art, the death of both her parents, the challenges of grieving multiple losses, her art series called The Other Side, and grief dreams of her parents.


You can find more on Chelsea at or on IG @chelshotel


A video link to know more about Hilma af Klint (the person Chelsea wants to dream about)