Grief Dreams Podcast

E160 - John Dietsch - Graced By Waters

June 16, 2020

John Dietsch is an award-winning writer, producer, director, talent, and consultant on hundreds of film and television shows focusing on the outdoors, travel, and fly fishing. As a life coach, teacher, TV personality, Aspen Colorado guide, and host of fly fishing trips across the globe, John helps his clients and students follow their passion by connecting with nature. He is perhaps best known in fly fishing circles for his supervision, doubling, and stunt work on the fly fishing scenes for the Oscar-winning film A River Runs Through It. His TV and film productions have garnered more than twenty-three awards, including a Telly for the primetime TV series "Adventure Guides: Fly Fishing Edition" that John hosted on Outdoor Channel and NBC Sports. His newest book, Graced by Waters, is his first collection of stories to celebrate and explore our spiritual connection to waters and the natural world.


In this episode we talk about fly fishing, his connection with the movie A River Runs Through It, the connection he has to nature, his newest book Graced by Waters, a dream he recently had of fly fishing, the death of his brothers, and grief dreams.


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