Grief Dreams Podcast

E161 - Gary Alan Shockley - My Heart Sings A Sad Song

June 26, 2020

Gary Alan Shockley is an award winner artist, author and grief counselor living in Boiling Springs Pennsylvania. He has two master’s degrees, one in theology and another in Spiritual Formation and Counseling. Gary has served as a pastor and a professional Healthcare Chaplain aligned with two Inpatient Hospice Units in North Carolina where he worked with dying patients and their families. From decades of walking alongside people in their journeys of dying and of death, and supporting children in their grief, Gary published his most recent children’s book, My Heart Sings a Sad Song. Gary has also authored three books focused on leadership and spiritual development and 5 other children’s books.


In this episode we talk about being drawn to helping others, what those at end-of-life talk about, challenges for those at end-of-life and their family during the pandemic, children’s grief, his first experience of death as a child, his new children’s book “My Heart Sings a Sad Song”, a grief dream from a past client, and grief dreams he had of his best friend, child (from a miscarriage), and other family members who have died.


You can find more about Gary here:

IG @Gary.a.shockley