Grief Dreams Podcast

E173 - Dr. Kimberly Mascaro - Announcing Dreams

October 2, 2020

Dr. Kimberly R. Mascaro wears many hats, in addition to her role as a psychologist. Dr. Mascaro has worked in the fields of mental/behavioral health (having supervised outpatient clinics and other therapeutic programs), as well as higher education, for over 20 years. She holds a license to practice psychotherapy in the state of California. Her primary focus is on women’s issues – in particular, navigating life’s big transitions, as well as treating trauma, anxiety, and grief/loss. She integrates many areas of her training and experience, including traditional talk therapies with art, dreamwork, hypnotherapy, meditation (such as yoga nidra), and somatic approaches. As for research and writing, Dr. Mascaro’s most recent publication is Extraordinary Dreams: Visions, Announcements and Premonitions Across time and Place (2018, McFarland). Dr. Mascaro gives presentations and leads workshops nationally and internationally.


In this episode we talk about announcing dreams, the power of dreams, how she started valuing dreams, hosting and speaking at the Dreamwork Summit (Oct. 13-16, 2020), and grief dreams of her relatives and Anthony Bourdain.


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