Grief Dreams Podcast

E176 - Sherrie Dunlevy - How Can I Help?

November 9, 2020

Sherrie Dunlevy is a best selling author, speaker, podcaster, inspirationinsta, and grieving mom. Her best selling book is called “How Can I Help?: Your go-to guide for helping loved ones through life’s difficulties.” Sherrie is the host of the “Graduating Grief” podcast. Sherrie has also designed a Graduating Grief program and community for women.


In this episode we talk about her career as a TV news anchor, the death of her 29 day old child, the difficulties reporting the news while grieving, her secondary losses after his death (e.g., friendships ending), why she wanted to write the book “How Can I Help?”, how we can help others after a loss, and grief dreams.


You can find more about Sherrie here:

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