Grief Dreams Podcast

E189 - A. Olivia Nelson - Learning About Grief

March 27, 2021

A. Olivia Nelson is a two-time widow in her twenties who, in the span of five years, said goodbye to family and friends alongside major non-death losses. Having to face grief in a variety of situations, she gained deep insight into our broken grief culture: grieving people lack support and those who want to help don't know how. To heal this gap, Nelson formed Learning About Grief, a website on which she shares personal stories, coping resources, and a virtual grief group for the bereaved and their supporters. Her vision is to change how we perceive grief.


In this episode we talked about being a two-time widow, the challenges in both deaths, coping with her grief while moving, dating after loss, texting the deceased, her desire to educate others about grief, and grief dreams of both of her deceased partners.


You can find more about A. Olivia Nelson on Instagram @LearningAboutGrief, Twitter @LearnAboutGrief, or

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