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E196 - Gabrielle Mirabile - The Spirit of Zingara

May 16, 2021

Gabrielle Mirabile (also known as Zingara) is a 22-year-old music producer from Maryland. Ever since she was little, she has been connected to the spirit world. Dealing with the loss of a loved one has always been different with her because she has still been able to communicate with them. Whether she asks for a specific sign and sees it, or has a visitation dream, her loved ones continue to find ways to show her they are still here. She strives to connect her music with spirituality and teaches her audience about the constant presence of spirit around us.


In this episode we talk about producing music, connecting her music with spirituality, making the music video called ‘The 12th Density’, her connection with spirit, Ram Dass, and grief dreams of her grandmother, grandfather, and best friend.


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