Grief Dreams Podcast

E204 - Autumn Toelle-Jackson - Boldly into the Darkness

October 2, 2021

Autumn Toelle-Jackson is a wife, widow, mother, and survivor. The loss of a husband, a beloved cousin and mentor, her daughter, and miscarriages have left scars on her soul and memorial tattoos on her body, but Autumn learned to grow through it all. She wrote Boldly into the Darkness: Living with Loss, Growing with Grief & Holding onto Happiness to share her story and let others who are grieving know they aren't alone, and even with loss there is hope. Autumn and her family created Growing with Grief to provide those who are grieving with a place to find community, resources, and help.


In this episode we talk about her miscarriages, the death of her daughter and husband, memorial tattoos, learning to feel her grief, her book, and grief dreams of her husband.


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